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all users share a tenant space with a private room, much like a professional office building is shared among multiple tenants, with all users listed in the site directory for easy look-up and calling.

The IDVP-Pro:
service offering provides a private tenant space and room, much like a private office building with a single tenant, for those organizations looking for an additional level of privacy. It allows you to also interact with other Vidyo systems for a variety of applications including court systems, virtual hearings, probation meetings and more.

The IDVP-Plus:
service offers the same features as IDVP-Pro with larger room sizes, H.323 Gateway and audio bridge service. All IDVP-Plus packages must be purchased in a quantity of 5 or more users.
Please choose the number of users and associated service plan. Prices shown will be billed automatically on a monthly basis.
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Unlimited Minutes plan includes unlimited usage for up to 25 participants per meeting room. Each named user receives their own meeting room.

Concurrent User plan includes unlimited minutes usage with the total number of concurrent participants to not exceed the number of users purchased.

Group Plan allows up to 40 concurrent users with a corresponding number of minutes shared between all of the group members and guests.

SD and HD Gateway allows H323 calls from IDVP desktop. Please choose the number of concurrent H.323 legacy endpoint connections. Prices shown are monthly.
VidyoRoom systems are standalone Vidyo endpoints that must be purchased separately. This license grants access to the device to use the IDVideoPhone service.
Audio Bridge Options provide 1000 minutes per month.
The Local option provides a (317) area code number or additional Local numbers may be requested for different area codes.
The Toll-Free number provides an 800 Toll-Free number for dial-in as well as the Local number.
Additional minutes for the audio bridge option
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Click here for full terms and conditions for our IDVideoPhone service. The IDVP-Lite service base package does NOT include phone support however you can access our FAQ document here. Alternatively you can purchase the upgraded IDVP-Lite option which does include help desk phone support.